Lakes of Rwanda


Rwanda is a land of great diversity and beauty. The twenty-three lake water bodies make it an ideal water sports and fishing destination. Lake Kivu in the west of the country and Lake Muhazi in the east both offer beautiful beaches, jutting peninsulas and an archipelago of beautiful islands.


-       Lake Kivu,between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, is by far the largest. Lake Kivu is like a giant inland sea with some interesting lakeside towns. Kibuye and Gisenyi are a relaxing retreat for swimming, canoeing and water-skiing.

-       Lake Muhazi (also called Mohasi), about twenty kilometres east of Kigali: a long narrow lake running roughly east-west and extending north and south into a number of tributary valleys

-       Lake Ihema,in the Akagera National Park in the far east of the country, on the Tanzania border

-       Lake Rweru(also called Rugwero) in the south-east - most of this lake lies in Burundi

-       Lake Mugesera,about thirty kilometres south-east of Kigali and about 15km north of Lake Rweru; this narrow lake consists of five east-west bays joined at the western side

-       Lake Bulera(also called Burera) in the north of the country high in the mountains (1862 metres above sea level)

-       Lake Ruhondo(also called Luhondo) just to the south of Lake Bulera, separated from it by a spine of hills

-       Lake Cyohoha Sud (also called Tshohoha South), exactly south of Kigali and on the Burundi border

There are a number of very shallow lakes smaller, between the very flat and swampy regions of Mugasera and Rweru.