Birding In Nyungwe

Nyungwe is also paradise for birders with about 275 different species, 24 of which are regional endemics restricted to the montane forests of the Albertine Rift. The special for Nyungwe is the great blue turaco, which is coloured vibrant blue, red and green

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Nyungwe Botany

An area of rich floral diversity, Nyungwe forest has more than 200 different species of trees, a myriad of flowering plants, the other-worldly giant lobelia, and over 100 varieties of orchid. There are also over 120 different species of butterfly, of which 40 are endemic to the area.

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Nyungwe is extremely accessible and can easily be explored along a well-maintained network of walking trails. The Nyungwe forest canopy walk is very popular while also being the first ever hanging platform of its kind to be built in East Africa. The walkway is 50 meters above the ground and 90 meters long and affords excellent views of forest fauna and flora

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